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1983 years vernal equinox born
Observe the subtle things
Engaged in design work for many years
But enthusiasm for writing and artistic
The main is creation concepts artwork

一段不是簡介的簡介/This is not about “myself"


Sometimes I think Profile is quite weak thing, after all, a person can not be summarized in a few words, but in fact we hope one or two labels, says something to understand this “name", however this idea is depressing, people with all sorts of bias, but they are just a one-sided story. of course, if you want me to profiles myself, I will explain to you that I have been very focused on the use of Semiotics and anthropology, and also very like to integrate information and theories. in short words that i have nothing to do because the scope of the study is too big and it is some kind unknown thing (laughs~)And I do work in the longest possible part is Installation art and public art , if you come just desire that my exhibition list, please ignore this nonsense, and see below:



2007/ YMCA @ installation art x text display exhibition
2008/ YMCA @“4th DIY BOOK” exhibition
2009/ “Rainbow Road Rainbow River” public art exhibition
2009/ “Air-line” Route public art exhibition
2009/ “Links to links” public art exhibition
2010/ “Exchange Diary” Mail Art Exhibition
2012/ “WISH” Route public Art Exhibition
2013/ “Exchange Time Exchange Member” Art Exhibition
2014/ “Tomorrowsixtyfour"Web Exhibition
2015/ 雨傘展 @ C&G Artpartment (韓國) / Umbrella record (South Korea)
2015/ “Kowloon City Community” Public Art Exhibition
2015/ 視覺混種|混種現場(台灣) /On Site (Taiwan)
2015/ L+ @ 油街黑夜計劃 | 黑 | BLACK HACK
2015-2016/ 無限圖書館 @ UAAB 深港建築城市雙年展 (中國)/ uabb Exhibition (China)
2016/ 越界_過渡|跨媒體國際藝術節 / Crossing Broder Broder Crossing|International Festival of Crossing Media
2016/ 西九化談實錄2 燒你數簿 @ C&G Artpartment / Decongestant II: On Fire
2016/ 一生一生 @ Garden of the Artisans 藝術節 /
2017/ 置物重生 @ 水谷藝術 (台灣) / Life Rebirth @ Waley Art (Taiwan) (Art Residencies Exhibition)


2015/ “Unlimited Library” Exhibition

Art Residencies
2017/03 Waley Art @ Taiwan (one month)


2011/ Mapopo pubile Art
2012/ RTHK Artspiration (@ TVSHOW public artwork) (with pak-sheung-chuen @ MAKE A CHANGE GROUP)
2012-2013/ Eggwich Zine
2014/ 消失的女皇頭 / Vanishing Queen’s Face (with pak-sheung-chuen )
2016/ 拆閱重現 / 藝術館出動! (with 林東鵬 & 黃紹全) @ 香港藝術館 / Hong Kong Museum of Art on Wheels Event
2016/ 見地:體驗香港的大地藝術 (@ with 吳碩軒) / LAND VISIONS: Experiencing Land Art in Hong Kong
2016/ 非常()德 @ 傳剩大笪地「剩食盛宴」 | 傳剩行動 / VERY DVRC @ sendtheleftfood


2001/ “Young Plan" Environmental Computer Animation Competition Student Merit Award
2005/ MILK X VAN 20 Annual Design Competition Merit Award