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一直想開始進行的研究題目,由於我對附號學有強烈的興趣,所以閱讀神話,寓言和傳說也非常之多.這個計劃可能源於美國小說家霍華德·菲利普·洛夫克拉夫特的短篇小說《克蘇魯的呼喚》對世界描繪的想像,也可能根據上是埃斯皮納巴里奧《佛洛伊德與李維史陀: 動力人類學和結構人類學的互補、貢獻與不足》一書所言"神話可能是一種表達方式,隨著某些事實,深刻的經驗或性本能等經驗,不能用其他方法滿足分享應運而生.神話源自社會給予的可支配神話畎子,以象徵機制擬定,與彿洛伊德的潛意識並非渾然一體,但有明確的關聯存在."


about the mythology

I always wanted to start a research program, because I am attached to semiotics and have a strong interest at the myth thing. so i’ve read many myths, fables and legends. The plan may be derived from American novelist Philip Howard Lovecraft short story novel “Call of Cthulhu" depicts the world’s imagination, or it may be based on the Espy Napa Rio “Freud and Levi Strauss: Power anthropology and structural anthropology complementary, contributions and inadequate," a book He said, “may be an expression of the myth, along with some facts, profound experience or experience sexual instinct, etc., can not meet the share emerged in other ways. mythology myth drains from disposable society give the child to symbolize mechanism develop, and Freud’s subconscious is not seamless, but there is a clear correlation exists. "

And means for using the ready-made objects collage, probably because I pray out of that myth – derived fixed idea, after all, ready-made objects and myth itself some distance;. I may be fixed for an inevitable feature of myth and make understanding Cheng, I always wanted to re-break the myth, the “now" has lost myth and fable heritage of generations some things, but when the state removed the old, they should be how to interpret, this is my mythology series by wanted creation.


此系列作品將會以並置的題目出現 / This series of works will appear in juxtaposition title

10690049_10153260517874329_5461802386752403020_n《混沌 | 破滅的重啟》/"Chaos | burst reset"

11007747_10153237218529329_2054764387296595108_n《天堂之門 | 神的统一性》/"Heaven’s Gate | God’s unity"

This is mainly to show the creative direction I want to know, this year is likely to continue to update this part. (It may be several years plan.)