symbol-imagery | 《混沌 | 破滅的重啟》/ “Chaos | Burst Reset"
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《混沌 | 破滅的重啟》/
“Chaos | Burst Reset"



About six months ago, my plan stalled because while Hong Kong of the occurrence trouble ,this series is bunch of un-finished products, and now i have mood and time to retry this item, this is about the understanding of myth,i will restart this pile of work practices at this year. Based on ready-made objects and split, exploded the myth of the inevitable destruction and fixed characteristics, and retain its core, but also to some extent to his account of it.

Chaos as the first member of this series, there is a most important reason is because all things have begun in this state, and according to legend chaos wing has six legs, but discredited. Another said there was a kind of Bible story, because eating the fruit of wisdom to understand the world of feeling like there is no biological reason Seeing distributed to them, and to help it through distributed to them, with seven holes completed at seven days, but the chaos is dead, the understanding to a certain extent .I feel I was from some of these mythological or allegorical thing, but the existing contrasts and complete.

@神話學系列1 / Mythology Series 1
請參見神話學連結條目.See link entry mythology.




Collage, Conceptual, Installation