symbol-imagery | 《王維林的意象》/ “wang weilin imagery"
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“wang weilin imagery"

「王維林」是於1989年6月5日六四事件的第二天,在中華人民共和國北京市長安街上隻身阻擋坦克車隊前進的男子,該男子手持著白色的購物袋、穿著白色襯衫與黑色褲子的男子主動擋在坦克隊伍的行進路線上。當下坦克隊伍便停止前進,而該名男子便揮手示意要坦克後退。在該名男子攔阻將近18輛59式戰車車隊行進後,負責領頭的坦克駕駛一度試圖轉向繞過但是仍然遭到其阻擋。之後該名男子則爬上坦克砲塔並且看似和駕駛員進行溝通,最後他則被幾名身穿藍色衣服的群眾帶離現場、而坦克隊伍則是繼續往前前進,整個過程則被傑夫·懷登等攝影師以及國外媒體所記錄下。但儘管「王維林」是當前絕大部份中文媒體對於該名男子的稱呼,然而這個名字最早是以英文「Wang Weilin」出現在英國的《星期日快報》上,實際上到了今日有關該人物的真實姓名、身分以及下落仍然沒有獲得確認。而西方社會則將其稱作「坦克人」(Tank Man)或者是「無名的抗議者」(Unknown Protester)。1998年4月時,美國《時代》雜誌將其以「無名的反抗者」(The Unknown Rebel)作為名稱。


“Wang Weilin" is on June 5, 1989 June incident the next day, in the People’s Republic of China Chang’an Avenue, Beijing alone stop tank convoy of men, the man holding a white shopping bag, wearing a white shirt and The man in black pants positive stop on the route of the tank. Tanks team will be halted immediately, while the man he waved back to the tank. In the man-arresting nearly 18 Type 59 tanks after the team travels, once in charge of the lead tank driving but still he was trying to turn to bypass its barrier. After the man then climbed the tank turret and seem to communicate with the driver, and finally he were a few wearing blue dress masses away from the scene, while the team is to continue to move the tank forward, the whole process were outstanding Dave Wyden and other foreign media photographers and recorded. But despite “Wang Weilin," it is currently the vast majority of Chinese media call for the man, but this is the first English name “Wang Weilin" appears in the British “Sunday Express", and in fact, the day of the person concerned real name, identity and whereabouts is still not confirmed. The Western society then it is called “tank man" (Tank Man) or “unknown protesters" (Unknown Protester). When in April 1998, the US “Time" magazine to be “unknown rebel" (The Unknown Rebel) as the name.

Extracts its white shopping bags with the image of the square in front of the road obstruction, will use it again, and selection of the PLA garrison station and political relationship also implies that total before the two.
At June 5 morning, gave the conscience of every person affected by the appeal of the place was far from this work