symbol-imagery | 《荒蕪的能量》 / “Neglect Force"
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《荒蕪的能量》 /
“Neglect Force"

Neglect space in the city is slowly increasing, they are ignored because a lot of reasons, I am looking to be abandoned shops in the city streets in an attempt to activate the accumulation of them because of the time from the energy, so the creation of this series of works.
This artworks basic concept is description time and space can be converted into something calculate , I am eager try to quantify time which are invisible, artwork use raw sugar works as an energy per unit time and space in which to express occupied, the reason is sugar is often used as one of the performance of calories, it is also easy and convenient to become a reconfigurable things. (also whichever Cantonese pronunciation of “absurd" as one of the considerations.)
Practice guidelines for the work space on the barren space from those posted on the labels of the figures on which to extract the “8″ number of words as a unit, the total length of it will turned into works (one centimeter to one based on a number of this conversion guidelines), and sugar cubes arranged on the show, just for the performance of its space, so in a different space will show a variety of different arrangement.
This work will occasionally appear on the streets.
First time placed Prince. Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei and Tsim Sha Tsui.
(See picture)
PS. This work will be a follow-up for the other part, adjourned.




Conceptual, Installation, Landscape, Public Art