symbol-imagery | 《虛擬實界》/ “virtual boundary"
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“virtual boundary"

On september 4, 2014 i have creation across the entire length of 9000 feet.
(2.8 kilometers) of boundary street paste landscape concept art works carried out by the dotted line
This maybe probably the largest landscape works in hong kong.My original idea plan for each fixed 50 feet paste about 1 yd tape affixed to one hundred seventy-two white tape landmarks(In 50 years, the sino-british joint declaration of the same, in order to select a fixed 50 yards to make a line, in response to this historical factors)original concept for the hong kong colonial years (from 1842 to 1997, total of 155 years.) plus the reunification of the year (from 1997 to 2014, total of 17 years).Total 172 years to explore a local geographic basis for.And after deducting the land-error correction and some road conditions, the final plan for one hundred fifty-five white tape as a landmark,(only access to hong kong’s colonial history year for boundary street’s response) So far implemented in this virtual boundary street have owned real landmark respond to this historical issues and social geography of the unseen environmental problems in hong kong.




Conceptual, Landscape, Performance, Public Art