symbol-imagery | 《被處理的空白》/ “Blank being processed"
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“Blank being processed"



在6格 X 4格之中製作反向塗鴉,想不到政權就是如此愚昧,讓這牆留下6格與4格的白色畫面(指向在中國發生1989年6月4日的事實),這種白色是粉飾更明顯表現出他們的心虛與腐敗.


This piece is divided into three parts
1. Start at July 1, 2012 reverse graffiti demonstrations carried out with a friend CK
2. In the same location June 4, 2014 after two years carried out a reverse graffiti
Reverse graffiti design trap 3. 10 Days June 14 carried out (“six grid with a four-frame have been white")

Originally just for the reverse graffiti in 2012 carried out a demonstration, 2 years and did not change anything at the site, the site has been in existence, and in 2014 began to fade as the work carried out repairs again, think they unexpectedly found, remarks Freedom of destruction, and by extension the work carried out. This thing is not only test and investigate totalitarian power of Hong Kong and Hong Kong showed a response to remarks by the government to change the policy rate, pointing to a faint umbrella movement that appears variable thereafter .

At that time, i think the artwork will be bound to calculated, and i try to setup a test to look the measurement of mechanical operation of the Government, this also for an attempt,
6 X 4 grid cells being produced reverse graffiti(mean 1989/6/4 at china happen), think the regime is so ignorant, so that left 6 with 4 lattice white screen, this white whitewash more clearly show their guilty conscience and corruption.

(This work was repeatedly occupied after the umbrella movement in the same place, by the emergence of other social movements and the artist, and then add a new meaning. For example became a message board, etc …)
In the hope that Hong Kong will not worsen the freedom of expression, mutual encouragement.




Conceptual, Landscape, Performance, Public Art